Bio: It’s a beautiful world around me and I leave no chance for the pen and papers to feel it too. There is nothing bigger on this planet than creativity coming out alive itself and I hope my blog makes you say yes, it is. I admire whatever comes and goes; i admire the nature, the creativity, the ideas, the imagination, the inspiration because as long as they are inside me I can pick up a pen anytime and continue my journey to self discovery. As long as I write I can travel distances, explore places and create things of my own by just sitting at my home. I am just a normal teenager who loves to draw and write and thankfully with people’s support I have also published and exhibited my work but then again oh! the human nature which has lured me into seeing no stop signs at all. This has not stopped me and started a war inside me which only seeks more and more. To fulfil my desire for a never ending world I need no suitcases or bags but just an idea. An idea simple as water, transparent as air and as stupid as people with smartphones or the epic yo mama jokes. Some people call me creative but I just like to call myself a blogger. I am here to make people hear what i have to say. To know more and to learn even more from my experiences and mistakes but most importantly i am here to smile and be myself and let others see the real me.

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